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In the area between the Volturno River and  Massico Montain, there was Sinuessa Romaine colony founded in 296 BC, right in the heart of the famous “ ager Falernu”, that now is Mondragone city. Settled here in the early ’900 a branch of  Moio family, started  an important wine business. Today in the centre of this town,  inside a rural court still intact in Mondragone, you can find Moio wineries. From the beautiful countryside that surrounds Mondragone, this Company have produced grapes of the highest quality full of  tradition and history of an ancient land  and of a noble past.

From the beautiful countryside surrounding Mondragone, even in this century, we have produced grapes of extreme quality worthy heirs of the tradition and history of an ancient land and so noble past.

A story that continues from 1880

Commendor Mr. Michele Moio since the end of second world war have understood that  red wine made from Primitivo grapes of Mondragone, could be considered, after many centuries of technical changes, climatic, genetic and taste the modern version of the ancient Roman Falerno wine.  He is credited with having revived since the 50s to the wine lovers of classical antiquity a great new Falerno.


The wine has an intense yellow brilliant. The fragrance features notes of exotic fruits , acacia honey and white flowers. The taste is soft with a good aromatic and then notes of toasted almonds and cinnamon as final. Content 0,75 lt

19,00 €

With distilled facility in copper bain-marie, from fermented grape of  CLASSIC RED MOIO 57, still moist, fresh and healthy. Bouquet, intense  bring back sweet scents and ethereal, with a faint spicy background.  Its  body is extremely powerful, because of the particularly strong alcohol content. Content 50cl

62,00 €

Falanghina IGP Beneventana white wine of Moio Cellars, has a lively straw color tinged with gold. with a delicate aroma of green apple and tropical fruit. The taste is soft.Content: 75cl

10,50 €

It has a pale yellow color, an elegant bouquet of exotic  smooth and balanced fruit flavor . Content 0,75 lt

14,00 €

Wine with a ruby red color , intense fragrance reminiscent of wild berries red berry . The taste has a good balance and a spicy finish . Content 0,75 lt

16,00 €

The wine has a deep red color , of berries , blackberry , black pepper and green aromas. Content 0,75 lt

46,00 €

Primitive red wine Moio57 is a wine with a ruby red color, a fruity aroma with a background of spices and licorice. The taste is characterized by a high concentration and a good balance. Content 75 cl

13,30 €

The scent is mild and characterized by notes of ripe black berry fruit with a slight spicy background. The flavour is full, smooth and full bodied. Content 0,75 lt

15,50 €

The distillate is characterized by a great softness and a slightly fruity aroma. Content 50cl

30,00 €
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