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Our company, founded in 2004, is based in the lovely commune of Galluccio. We have produced excellent IGT and Doc wines since 2007, from the variety of vines on our twentytwo-acre estate. The art of wine making is not among the most difficult, but it requires great dedication, passion, hard work and expertise at every step of the way, from cultivation, to pruning, and processing. Land and vineyards are not enough, the vines must also be well exposed, and you need good facilities and special processing methods. Wine is not just a beverage; it is a companion for food, play, and celebrations. The 'heavenly nectar' is man's perennial companion on his or her journey through life.

The first stage of their journey began with fifteen acres of vineyards using plants native to the Roccamonfina area.

The second important step was the construction of a beautiful winery according to green building principles, with the most innovative processing systems. These facilities allow the 'nectar' to develop to its full potential so as to make a lasting and deeply pleasurable impact on its consumer. The first wines were bottled in 2007, with each little step of the way carefully considered and implemented, to produce a classic and elegant bottle. The wine's identity card, its label, used graphic motifs referring to the history of the local area. The two DOCs, bottled in 2009, have an unmistakable design that conveys to the drinker some sense of the wine even before he opens it.

Each bottle that lands in our hands is its own little unique piece of history; a product of harvesting, processing, and fermentation, each occurring at its own special stage in the process. Thus we could compare tasting wine to going on a trip through time and space, a journey that is far more than a simple social drink.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items