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The quality of our products is the result of a work done by passion and respect of the times and traditions required by the quality.

To keep intact the values of naturalness and authenticity of our products, we use selected ingredients GMO free and we don't filter and pasteurize our beers.

Our great respect to this drink bring us to constantly deepen the knowledge and history.
The research and the study of the products of European brewing tradition are and will be the ground on which to evolve our proposals, always with one overriding rule: move in full respect of the fees and the long tradition of this drink.
The history of beer has always been fueled by events, people and emotions that have created that alchemy that makes only the feelings of those who taste beer.



The Black Lizard craft beer has a mocha color with a compact and creamy foam, to the nose it shows predominantly coffee notes in a frame of delicate roasting. Packaging: 1 bottle by 75 cl - 6 bottles by 75 cl

10,99 €

Craft beer reddish with orange highlights, the Fahrenheit comes with a compact and creamy foam  by the colors hazelnut. Packaging:  1 bottle by 75 cl - 6 bottles by 75 cl

9,80 €

Noscia craft beer is light amber colored tending to copper. The beer seduces us with an aroma of predominantly fresh and fragrant notes of citrus peel reminiscent of orange and pink grapefruit. Packaging:  1 bottle by 75 cl - 6 bottles by 75 cl

8,95 €

Craft beer Tscho pale golden color, with opalescent white foam compact and creamy.  Packaging: 1 bottle by 75 cl - 6 bottles by 75 cl

9,30 €
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