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Anchovies are a variety of blue fish and marinades are a typical appetizer of Mediterranean cuisine, excellent served on bruschetta.

Package: glass jar - 530 gr

Ingredients: anchovies,  sunflower seed oil,  chilli pepper, vinegar, salt.

Preservation: store between +4°C and + 6°C (39°F-42°F)

Shelf life: 6 months

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The marinated anchovies of Cetara

Was a poor recipe, easy to prepare, typical fishermen due to the ease in finding the ingredients. Today is served cold as an appetizer or as an alternative even as a main course, which can be stored in the refrigerator for several days. The anchovies fall into the category of blue fish.


For the realization of the recipe will need to clean the anchovies, taking care to remove the head and entrails to obtain fillets. These threads are then immersed for several hours in a marinade made from vinegar (or lemon) and seasoned with salt, pepper and chili.

The marinade, which is a kind of cooking, requires different times as a function of its composition: about twelve hours if it takes place in vinegar, three or four hours for the one in lemon.


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